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Return Policy

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please carefully follow these return instructions:

  1. Call The Memorabilia Center at #1-704-770-0062, so that we may give you your Return Authorization Number (RA).
  2. All items that are returned at the customer’s request with no RA number will incur a 15% re-stocking fee up to a maximum of $50. Items that are returned after 30 days without an RA number approval are subject to rejection and/or account credit only.
  3. All merchandise is considered to belong to you until we receive it back in satisfactory condition. We suggest for your own protection that you ship the package back to us insured for the purchased value.
  4.  In order to receive credit, we require that you:
    • Damaged merchandise must be returned in original carton and packaging.
    • Mark the shipping container clearly with the RA number.
    • Include the item to be returned with the Certificate of Authenticity.
    • No credit will be issued if any of the above is missing.
    • We will refund shipping and handling charges only if our merchandise was damaged, defective, or shipped to you in error.
    • Pack carefully and return to:

The Memorabilia Center
5401 Summer Pond Ct.
Charlotte, NC 28226

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of great concern to The Memorabilia Center. We use the information you provide to process your order, to ensure that your experience on our site is as enjoyable and efficient as possible and as otherwise described in this Privacy Policy. Our primary focus and greatest concern is you, our customer. We respect your privacy and therefore have put this Privacy Policy in place to explain to you how we collect and use information in connection with our web site. This Privacy Policy applies solely to the web site located at www.MemorabiliaCenter.com.

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In the event that any aspect of the product being sold differs from what is shown in the photo, it will be noted in the description.

Forms of Payment

We accept credit cards, PayPal, checks, money orders, and check by phone.


We review every single item that we offer for sale. Our sources have been checked and rechecked. We discuss at length collections we purchase more often than not from clients that have been buying from us for years. After 20 years of collecting and 15 years of selling, we are confident that our process works. We guarantee that every signature was carefully examined and deemed in our opinion to be authentic. If you have an Authenticator that states the item purchased is not authentic and will stand behind their position, then we will issue a refund. It is important to note that we will not accept an Authenticator that states, “It is our opinion that we cannot approve the signature” or words to that effect. He or she must be able to prove that it is not authentic. This must be accomplished within 30 days from the date of purchase. Prior to purchase, we will be happy to explain the paperwork accompanying the item. It is important to ask necessary questions to make the right decision.

Unless we have seen the item signed by ourselves, we cannot guarantee, nor can anyone else, the authenticity of a signature. Upon hearing that, the first response should be, “What about third party authentication? That guarantees that the signature is 100% authentic!” Unfortunately, it does not, as it is still a rendered opinion. There are many collectors that do not believe in third-party authentication. There are many collectors that have confidence in specific Authenticators while refusing to accept others. Combine the fact that authentication is not an exact science and the sheer volume that is reviewed on a daily basis; most reputable Authenticators themselves will admit that even under the best of circumstances, their findings are merely an opinion. It is not concrete proof of a genuine autograph.

There are dozens of autograph authentication companies in existence today – from so-called handwriting experts to forensic examiners to corporate examiners like PSA/DNA and many others that claim to use state-of-the-art technology with names that very few people understand like Color Spectral Deconvolution. The autograph authentication choices available to a collector are confusing at best. These companies make their share of mistakes given the nature of the authentication as just an opinion in the first place. Add to this the thousands of autographs the top-tier companies are asked to authenticate each and every day, coupled with the fact that authentication is a for-profit business, and you can imagine the potential issue that may result. Going one step further, would you continue to use an Authenticator that rejected 20%-30% of the items he/she reviewed? And where are these companies finding these experts to review and give a go/no-go on all these items?

One thing we cannot do and no one else can do either, guarantee the authenticity of any signature we did not see signed ourselves. It is also difficult, in most cases, to prove with 100% certainty that a signature is not authentic. Common sense oftentimes works. If a ball is made in 1960 and the player died in 1940, then obviously he did not sign it. So where does that leave the collector? Does third-party authentication have any value? Especially when you send an item to several Authenticators, and receive at least two opinions. Memorabilia Center and every individual selling vintage signatures have one fact in common: we were not present when the signature was signed. Thus, how can we be so certain that our process works above all others? Our process has worked since 1999 and we follow it at all times. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Your ultimate satisfaction and trust is our #1 goal!