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We review every single item that we offer for sale. After two decades of collecting and selling, we are confident that our process works. We guarantee that every signature was carefully examined and deemed in our opinion to be authentic. If you have an Authenticator that states the item purchased is not authentic and will stand behind their position, then we will issue a refund. It is important to note that we will not accept an Authenticator that states, “It is our opinion that we cannot approve the signature” or words to that effect. They must be able to prove that it is not authentic. This must be accomplished within 30 days from the date of purchase. Prior to purchase, we will be happy to explain the paperwork accompanying the item. It is important to ask the necessary questions to make the right decision.

Combine the fact that authentication is not an exact science and the sheer volume that is reviewed on a daily basis; most reputable Authenticators themselves will admit that even under the best of circumstances, their findings are merely an opinion. It is not concrete proof of a genuine autograph. Add to this the thousands of autographs the top-tier companies are asked to authenticate each and every day, coupled with the fact that authentication is a for-profit business, and you can imagine the potential issue that may result. Going one step further, would you continue to use an Authenticator that rejected 20%-30% of the items he/she reviewed? And where are these companies finding these experts to review and give a go/no-go on all these items?

Our process has worked and we follow it at all times. Thank you for your time and consideration! Your ultimate satisfaction and trust is our #1 goal.